The distribution of our products is via Pharmacies, Doctors, Hospitals and various wholesale channels. However we import for both private individuals or commercial purposes. Contact Us
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wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals & medical devices

  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Distribution México

    Pharmaceutical Distributión & Exports, Health Dept Licences Sanitary & Pharmacy: 014 067 09 3523 /149302 Since 1978

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  • Procurement, Importation & Product Registration

    "Specialist in difficult to obtain pharmaceutical molecules within Latin America"...

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  • Commercialisation, Logistics & Product Registration

    Assisting Patients with a Higher Quality of Life...

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¿Who are we?

A private pharmaceutical company based in Mexico. Experiened in facets of pharma distributión within México, Central America & South América. Read More...

¿What do we Do?

Comercialization, Distribution, Importation & Product Registration for MedicalDevices & Pharmaceuticals within México. Our Services, Read More...

¿How we do, what we do?

Experience is one of the keys in the aspects of regulatory issues, importation and product registration with the Federal Health Dept in Mexico. Read More...

Welcome to Pro-Medical SA de CV Website

We distribute pharmaceuticals & medical devices within Mexico, Latin American and the Carribean. We specialize in medicines and devices that are dificult to source; such as cancer chemotherapy treatments, aids/hiv drugs and other items for distribution to local pharmacies, doctors and hospitals. When necessary we also import & distribute these difficult to source pharmaceuticals and devices. We are also able to arrange importation, distribution and if necessary, the instruction of therapies to clients within Mexico.

We conduct our own product registration process with the Mexican Government and obtain concessions of licences for authorized distribution of specific brands and generic products via our network of specialty distributors within Mexico. Others in our marketplace refer to us as the company with the special "Niche" of sourcing dificult to obtain pharmaceuticals & medical devices, globally or within Latin America for their use.

In addition we provide the services of product pre-registration, programs and guidelines on how to introduce (NDA) new medical devices and pharmaceuticals to specific markets within Mexico and Latin America. We work in associatión with numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to create and offer patient programs targeted towards specific therapies.

At SURTIDORA PRO-MEDICAL, we have an experienced team of employees and agents with the expertise and knowledge on Mexican health issues regading the Legalities, technical issues, importation, product registration for governement approvals thru our Health Dept registration. We provide clinical pharmacovigilance, expertise, logistics and deal only with proper GMPapproved companies... We have the pre-requisites necessary, to face the dificulties within Mexico and Latin America on pharmacetucal distribution so you don't have too.

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10 December 2009
Approved as Authorized Distributors for Retractable Technologies Inc. aka "VanishPoint Syringes"...

08 September 2009
Receives Authorized Distribution Rights from Cipla Ltd., Pharmaceuticals.

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