With over 30 years of experience in dealing with the Latin American pharmaceutical industry, this gives us an inside edge when it comes to product sourcing.
Distributor Licence Registration:14 067 09 3523 / Department of Health Permit: 149302

wholesale distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

How We Do - What We Do

How do we navigate our way thru local issues? People always ask us, "How do you cut thru all the Mexican bureaucracy or red tape?" It comes from years of dealing with the right people at the Dept de Salud or Dept of Health here in Mexico. We began filing for import permits and product registrations way back in 1979, and thru the years we too, had to navigate our way amoungst the various administration changes, the presidential & political party adjustments. It was at times a daunting task; however since then we along with our legal team in the Federal District of Mexico we have accumulated enough pesonal contacts in this industry and policital associations that assist us with issues; that allow us to overcome and achieve our goals with as little delay as possible.

How does a small privately-held company such as ours compete? Well as a private distributor we face the ever challenging tasks of supply, procurement and pricing issues from our much larger competitors; however by maintaining an efficient team of thinkers and doers, we are able to stay swift and nimble. Eliminating the potential oncoming issues that face big businesses that prevent them from acting swiftly to by-pass the oncoming issues that as an efficient team such as ours is able to prevent.

Therefore, that is a major reason as to how and why we are able to move, act and react in a swift manner when it comes to aclimate ourselves or to make adjustments in our business regime. This allows us to deal and source direct from local manufacturers and large pharmaceutical labs within Latin America. It is one thing to have to send in a purchase order to a large manufacturer and hope they will act on it, and quite another when we can just pickup the phone and make a direct call to the same lab and speak directly with a known director, International or national sales manager and get our response immediatly. That is what seperates us as an efficient group from the larger distributors.

When it comes to a direct order or request from a doctor's, pharmacy's or hospital client; we are able to deal direct (face to face) with manufacturers and labs; providing us the quicker more efficient response to our clients. We may not have the financial clout as our larger competitors, however our efficient team of experts have inside and concise knowledge of who to deal with at most pharmaceuticals entities within Latin America; therefore when it comes to matters of pharmaceuticals or medical devices; we cut thru the red tape, so our customers don't have too!

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10 December 2009
Approved as Authorized Distributors for Retractable Technologies Inc. aka "VanishPoint Syringes"...

08 September 2009
Pro-Medical receives Authorized Distribution Rights from Cipla Ltd., Pharmaceuticals.

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