Our objective when entering bids/tenders is to offer a competitive price with quality produts. If you would like to submit a tender for our review, send it via email here: Contact Us
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wholesale Distributor of pharmaceuticals & medical devices

Our Global Procurement Services

Our Global Search & Procurement services maintain a database of thousands of medical products for and thru our worldwide network of contacts. We specialize in medications "Dificult to Source" due to shortages or interruptions by laboratories and manufacturers. Our years of experience with our international network and partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers, allos us to offer products in any emergency situation. We are dedicated to sourcing the medicine molecules that will give the patient a better quality of life

If you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or an individual looking for a specific drug which can not be located. Call us, we'll see if we can source it for you thru one of our global suppliers. If you cannot source your medicine thru normal channels, click on the tab "Quick Connect" and give us the name of the drug as you know it or the generic equivalent. We will also need the dosage (5mg 100mcg or 50ml/mg) and don't forget to indicate whether this drug is needed in a tablet, capsule, liquid or injectable form. This can be done in English or Spanish. we'll search our vast network of suppliers, to see if it is available.

If you are interested in discussing plans for pre-registration, click the "Quick Connect" tab and include the summary of the product of interest, we will review and decide the best scenario on how to formulate the needs for registration into the "Caudro Basico" of Mexico and or another country of interest, for an appointment send us an email so that we may set up a conference call.


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10 December 2009
Approved as Authorized Distributors for Retractable Technologies Inc. aka "VanishPoint Syringes"

08 September 2009
Receives Authorized Distribution Rights from Cipla Ltd., Pharmaceuticals

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