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Pre-Plans for Commercialization

PRE-MARKETING PLANS - Surtidora Pro-Medical Inc. works in partnership with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to provide a complete pre-marketing plan for your goal. We help establish a more precise analysis of the number of patients who are treated with medication.

We offer quality service in providing compassionate use of drugs for early treatment. We also offer standardization of these medicines for government procurement thru international bids and tenders; in addition to obtaining regulatory approvals and registration with the Federal Health Departments in each country in order to receive final marketing authorization for the product launch.

TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE - Surtidora Pro-Medical offers health professionals an important service, with detailed product information and published articles about our products. Translation from English to Spanish and Spanish into English, are used to provide and inform health professionals fully understand the products and their active ingredients within Latin America. We are capable of providing brand patented medicines of origin and also generic forms of many similar medicines thru compulsory licences from different suppliers globally; these are the same active ingredient, but each may have different local trade names or even in dire circumstances, have different languages and different price schedules.

So our experience when trying to alter a patients way of life thru treatment or lack thereof or at times even saving a life; forces us to be correct 100 percent of the time; with little margin for error. We pride ourselves on our due diligence.

If you are interested in further discussing plans for pre-marketing, please click on the "Quick Connect" tab and include the summary of the product you're interested in marketing and make an appointment by phone or email to set up a call conference.


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10 December 2009
Approved as Authorized Distributors for Retractable Technologies Inc. aka "VanishPoint Syringes"

08 September 2009
Receives Authorized Distribution Rights from Cipla Ltd., Pharmaceuticals

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