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Pre-Inscription and Registration

PRE-ENROLLMENT PROGRAMS - The majority of pharmaceuticals worldwide are produced and approved in the U.S. and / or within Europe. It takes many years before a molecule is capable of being adopted in countries like Latin America for health dept approvals, often not approved at all.

Surtidora Pro-Medical provides quality service to health-care professionals and their patients to obtain these drugs that are not currently available in their respective countries. We have established relationships with manufacturers and distributors throughout Latin America in order to be able to provide these drugs along with all information necessary to legally import them into the destination country. More importantly, because of this patients benefit from treatment that will give them a better quality of life, that they otherwise would not be able to receive.

If you are interested in discussing plans for pre-registration, click the "Quick Connect" tab and include the summary of the product of interest, we will review and decide the best scenario on how to formulate the needs for registration into the "Caudro Basico" of Mexico and or another country of interest, for an appointment send us an email so that we may set up a conference call.


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10 December 2009
Approved as Authorized Distributors for Retractable Technologies Inc. aka "VanishPoint Syringes"

08 September 2009
Receives Authorized Distribution Rights from Cipla Ltd., Pharmaceuticals

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