Experienced Global packers and shippers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, whether one box or 100 fcl containers; Contact Us if you should have any questions regarding cold-chain or shipping.

We are present at major Pharmaceutical Conventions such as: Expopharm en Alemania, CPhI en Francia, InformEX en EE.UU, Arabhealth Dubai / Emiratos ÁrabesUnidos.

wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Distribution and Logistics

DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTICS - We transact with delivery companies that are cold-chain registered and meet GMP warehousing approvals. Temperature controlled and cold chain secured warehouse with experienced personnel in the storage, handling and packaging for accurate international shipments.

Cold storages are controlled by state of the art equipment with backup capabilities in case of any power failure and or technical failures. We utilize the world's leading provider of monitoring the cold chain delivery, which allows us to track and monitor our shipments through our supply chain to protect the integrity of our temperature-sensitive products.

Registered DeliveryAbout UsRegistered delivery to all Latin American countries... Cold Chain Packaging About UsShipping vaccines, Insulin and injectables thru Kool-Temp Packs; Temp-Controlled all the way to you... Logistics
About UsSecure & efficient warehousing..

We ship all vaccines, insulin via the following method;

KoolTemp GTS-35

Pre-Calificado Universal Expedidor, Cadena de Frío - Pre-Qualified Universal Cold Chain Shipper

Uso recomendado
Envíos nacionales e internacionales de cargas medias de valiosas vacunas, productos farmacéuticos, y la sangre
Área de carga útil: 7 "x 5" x 4 "
Dimensiones exteriores: 18-3/4 "x 16-1/8" x 15-7/16 "

Precalificados por Hora / Temperatura
2 ° C a 8 ° C durante 48 horas
10 ° C a 30 ° C durante 48 horas
-20 ° C durante 48 horas

Características del producto

* Universal (-empaque durante todo el año)
* Empaque Fácil - un empaque 1-2-3 simple usando nuestra Koolit ® refrigerantes
* Ligero a ~ 18 libras
* Completamente probado - pre-calificado para cargas mínimas y máximas
* Ambientalmente seguro cargador reutilizables no contiene productos químicos que agotan la capa de ozono
* Barcos conjunto como uno

This is most evident when it comes to sending large amounts of vaccine or large amounts of insulin to be maintained at a predetermined temperature. This also applies to medicines for cancer and AIDS, which many are in the form of injections. We only use approved transport with a registered and monitored cold chain logistics. We do not risk the health of a client ...

If you are interested in further discussing plans for shipping, please click on the "Quick Connect" tab and include the summary of the item you're interested in. Or make an appointment by phone or email to set up a conference call.