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Patient Programs

PATIENT NAMED PROGRAMS - Surtidora Pro-Medical provides healthcare professionals and medical surgeons and their patients, with guidelines for the process to request and receive medication in the shortest possible time. With our national and international network and in addition to our partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers, we are able to provide orphan drugs and new not yet approved molecules to support medical professionals with their treatments and therapies. Where their patients can begin treatment in an expedited manner and most importantly, track and notices to patients, reporting on all necessary documentation required to prepare for continued treatment.

Apart from advising the patient on the details to get approvals of individual pharmaceutical drugs ordered in the U.S. or abroad, lest they be caught at the border between Mexico and customs agents. Many patients do not know they are legally authorized to import drugs individually for their appropriate therapies and treatments here in Mexico. We have clarified the process for these patients.

We have the know-how in obtaining import licenses to comply with all requirements for customs clearance and health authorities and regulators in an expeditious manner, because time matters when it come to treatments that are vital to the health of patients.

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10 December 2009
Approved as Authorized Distributors for Retractable Technologies Inc. aka "VanishPoint Syringes"

08 September 2009
Receives Authorized Distribution Rights from Cipla Ltd., Pharmaceuticals

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